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Jill Haire, Free Flow Consulting

Jill Haire is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Addictions Professional, Grief Counselor, and Author. She counsels the terminally ill and their families in hospice organizations, individuals and their families in long term drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and individuals, couples, and families in private practices. She specializes in recovery from grief, addictions, and relationship issues.

Entertains, Educates, Inspires

Jill’s mission is simple…

  • Entertains: Nothing is as powerful as a story. By taking a step forward we must first look back. Jill’s history and her own experience with recovery and therapy gives her a unique perspective on addiction and the recovery process. This allows her to assist medical professionals in finding long-term solutions for their clients.
  • Educates: Jill aims to close the gaps in the way society treats substance abuse, grief, and relationship issues by offering a new perspective on the concept of addiction. She currently offers seminars and workshops at hospitals, addiction and recovery centers, and other organizations in the greater Orlando area and throughout central Florida. These seminars are focused on exploring different approaches to emotional, spiritual, and wellbeing in regards to addiction and mental health.
  • Inspires: Jill offers a fresh approach to managing addiction, relationships, and grief. Her seminars represent a curriculum based approach to addiction recovery and are designed to bridge the gap between patients and professionals. Her therapy emphasizes emotional literacy and healthy, interpersonal communication. She assists her clients in connecting the dots between healthy relationships, family of origin work, and long-term addiction recovery. These concepts are further explored in the new edition of her book, 'Relax On Impact', first published in 2012. 'Relax on Impact: Transformation and Empowerment Through Surrender’ was published on February 14, 2017. It is available in bookstores or order on Amazon.com, or click on the Relax on Impact tab to learn more.

Are you interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about workshops, seminars, and in-service education, you can contact Jill by phone or by email. With 10+ years of experience, she can design a workshop tailored to the specific needs of your facility.