Boundaries are Basic for an Empowered Adult

Boundaries are Basic for an Empowered Adult

Boundaries are used in order to avoid saying "yes" when you mean "no," as a child might do to avoid a parent's displeasure, or to avoid becoming resentful at being asked at all-this is the defiant teen.

We each appear to have one of these two basic attachment styles from a young age-
over compliant or defiant. When I learned to say "I'm willing to ___ but I'm not willing to ___, and if __ continues I'll ___ to take care of myself, since I can't control you" my life changed. This is respectful and clear. I felt relieved that I could finally be true to myself as an adult. Some people might feel hurt or annoyed. The response: "I'm sorry you feel hurt but I have to be true to myself here." Wow. Empowered. Not disempowered or trying to have power. Power from within!

Unpack the past to allow choice in the present

February 19, 2018

Sorting out the 'Childhood Suitcase' creates adult freedom!  Otherwise we tend to repeat not only the positives, but also the painful memories, known as the "repetition compulsion." Therapy supports this process.

Who needs to do this work? Anyone who's had a childhood.