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About Jill Haire

Jill Haire is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Addictions Professional. Her private practice, Free Flow Counseling, is located in Southwest Orlando. As a mental health counselor, Jill provides support along with education to guide individuals, couples, and families in learning communications skills and practicing healthy boundaries. As a former hospice counselor, she assists those recovering from various types of grief. As an addictions professional, she offers emotional literacy and communication skills that support dimensional 12-Step recovery. She also combines these skills and knowledge into deeper psychotherapy to process family-of-origin issues. When left unresolved, these issues impact individuals long past the end of childhood, creating relationship addiction.

Jill is dedicated to teaching and supporting individuals, couples and families in releasing blocks of body, mind and spirit in order to find a place of inner peace.

Jill is also a consultant to other clinicians, recovery centers and organizations.
Through her business, Free Flow Consulting, she offers authentic training in areas of addiction and mental health.

Her book: ‘Relax on Impact-Transformation and Empowerment Through Surrender' is now available!

This powerful content is also launching in an audiovisual format for individual clinicians, groups and organizations with accompanying curriculums, tools, and an original soundtrack with license for use!

The ROI Program is cutting edge – it entertains, educates and inspires all who seek personal empowerment and healthy relationships in the present and for generations that follow!