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One of the greatest challenges of substance use disorder treatment is understanding the impact that this disease has on the family and assisting them to recognize this impact, confront this impact, and heal from this impact in a non-judgmental and nurturing way. Jill Haire has taken all of her experience, strength and hope and embodied it into an entertaining, educating and inspirational story about addiction, dysfunction, surrender and transformation. By weaving powerful symbols and images into the story of the life journey of a “Perfect Cloud,” we are able to begin our own journey into acceptance and healing, arriving at a new healthier place where the chains of generational dysfunction no longer enslave our future.

Tim Huckaby M.D.

Medical Director of The Orlando Recovery Center

President of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine.

Board Certified physician in Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Anesthesiology.

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Relax On Impact™-The ROI Program of Trauma Recovery, for the 2018 Traumatology Symposium in Orlando, Florida has been accepted! We had many submissions that were thoroughly reviewed, and we are pleased to have your session represented at this year’s symposium. The above listed presentation has been accepted as a 90-minute educational session.

Dr. Ami Crowley
FALGBTIC President
Traumatology Symposium Program Coordinator

Relax On Impact ™ - The ROI Program

Relax On Impact™ became The ROI Program! It’s cutting edge! –It entertains, educates and inspires all who seek personal empowerment and healthy relationships- in the present- and for generations that follow!
This powerful content has also launched an audiovisual format of the book for individual clinicians, groups and organizations with accompanying curriculums, tools, and an original soundtrack with license for use!

The ROI Program intertwines nonfiction psychology and relationship/addictions recovery education- all within a fictional parable. A video producer helped bring the story to life! While Jill narrates, the characters are animated and entertaining. The original soundtrack was created by Jill’s husband, Andy Costantini, and supports it all under the direction of Grammy Award-Winning drummer, Will Covington. Curriculums and Individual/Group Plans provide structure for Detox, Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Families and Friends of Addicts, Practitioners and Colleges. The ROI Program also includes written and audio skills, license for use and a video for teaching these skills.

There is also The Virtual ROI Program for Life for individuals who want to learn skills to be able to apply these principles in their lives. This includes 12 weeks of training with Jill Haire as facilitator. Class time will be 1 ½ hours each week. Movie will be shown via webinar with teaching by Jill. An interactive workshop will follow each movie chapter. Also included will be a private Facebook group for all participants, where worksheets and communication with Jill and other classmates will enhance the learning experience! Generational change can follow!

The ROI Program teaches, guides and supports Twelve Step recovery and relationship communication. Inner children and teachable adults will discover the solid connection between body, mind and spirit. They will uncover the ‘Impostars’ in life, opening up to clear vision and hearing that will generate free flowing purpose and passion for a lifetime.

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Actual Event That Occurred While Creating This Audio/Visual Program

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